Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shoe rack!

Ok so i have a problem, I have this wonderful shoe rack that holds aprox. 30 pairs of my shoes! Which i love because I can put all my favorites on here! (I have WAY more then 30 pairs of shoes.) it has another section you can attach below that would hold 13 more pairs of shoes but it has decided to keep breaking!

Plus i'm forced to fix these 30 pairs of shoes about once a week. which is a pain. darn perfectionist!!!

Ok another confession, I LOVE HEELS!! I couldn't wear them everyday but to church I love them!!! and they have to be TALL!!! I love the feeling of being tall. If only genetics would have given me that. and less to my brother!!

Ok so you all know how i LOVE my Toms. I wore my gold glittery ones today to class and i've never gotten so many compliments on my shoes before and they were all from GUYS!!! Which was both flattering and disturbing!!

And of course my Indian shoes!! Which I love so much!! they are beautiful!! When i wear them I think of the man that sold them to me and laugh. He was crazy!!!

So as you can see I love shoes!! Maybe one day i'll take the time to pull out all my shoes and show you how many i really have!! but for now you can check out my favorites!! Love shoes!!!



  1. Look at all of those cute shoes! I seriously need a better way of organizing my shoes because they are all over the place! It's ridiculous.


  2. haha i know what you mean!! I found this rack at bed, bath, and beyond. but be warned it's not the most reliable!!! Thanks so much for the comment!!!