Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Crazy Thursday!!!

Today has been an Insane day!!!!

I woke up and got ready and drove to Orem to get all signed up for school

Took me a while to find the admissions place I spoke to this kid who was strange...he called me smalls??? um ok? pretty much he told me to go home and apply there!

so I drove back to Springville and sent in my application and paid the late fee.

Then I had to go to my High School to get my transcript. It was so weird to go back and see all the youngsters!!!

I got to see all of the lovely ladies in the office who I miss!!

I got my transcript and on my way home I got pulled over for the first time EVER!!! it was so so scary!!! He let me go with a warning, he was a way nice guy!!

I got home and called UVU and talked to a lady who told me that I wouldn't get in, in time.

So I drove back over Orem and gave them my transcript and the nice man who told me that I would know tomorrow if i get in and all i need to do at this point is make an appointment with the lady in charge of the psychology department.

so I did that! whew!!! stress gone!!! Now i need to have a wonderful weekend before school starts!!!

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