Monday, August 29, 2011

First day at UVU!

Today was an INSANE DAY!!!
I got up and drove to school (I now have a new hate for the freeway!) Took me about a half hour to get from Springville to Orem, Utah drivers such (yes i'm a Utah driver but that is besides the point) everyone has to stop and stare when others get into accidents clearly there's a reason we are all on the freeway so move over!!!

I get to school and park way out of the way I go and get my wonderful $5 parking pass for the Institute parking instead of the $80 one that the school is trying to sell. then i start to head over to main campus to get my Student ID when I see my bestie Alexus!!! it was very exciting!

I get my student ID and go to the hall of flags and meet up with my twin Emily and then Mckayla! Then as I was about to head off to my first class I saw my Buddies Cody and Mike (cobabe!) It was great! then we saw michelle!!! great moment!!

As I was making my way to my class I saw little Annaly!! then I ran into a girl I golfed with in High School!! It was fun to catch up!

My first class was Humanities!! call me nerdy but i'm sort of excited for that class it seems like it will be interesting. But we have to watch Star wars. strange!

I met back with Emily and there were two kids sitting by us a girl and a boy and i over heard their conversation all about getting high (i'm not at BYU anymore!) then there was a creeper man on the other side who asked if we were majoring in boys! ok old man!!!

Then we went and got free chips!! which pretty much made my day!

Then I went to my second and last class of the day. Geology. This class is a distance learning class which means we take it and so does about 90 high school kids (they watch it from their schools) it's pretty entertaining to watch them because we can see them but they can't see us!!

Then I made the trek back to my car and realized I locked my keys inside. Awesome! So i call my dad and as i wait for him I watch Transformers on my ipod nerdy much?!

So as you can tell it was a eventful day!!!


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