Friday, February 15, 2013

PDA and other things people shouldn't do in public

Alright so i'm all for people being happy, world peace and all that shiz. But honestly some people need to understand that some things should not be happening in public. Hence the title of this post *see title of blog post*

That is great that you are in LOVE seriously! But I don't enjoy seeing too much of it going down in the middle of the hallway or at church....yes at church.

Anyways let me tell you guys a story

It all happened last semester I had scheduled a study room in the library. I had a health final coming up so I thought I'd get a little studying done. Little did I know I'd be getting a FULL ON health lesson. As I walked up to the study room I saw it.....well them...DOING IT!!!! *getting it on, getting down, horizontal dancing* You get it. they weren't studying. It was horrifying!!!!!!

So as you can see I am now and forever scarred for life.

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