Friday, February 1, 2013

The Church Is True!

So I know that some people that read my blog aren't LDS but that's okay! I just wanted to share this amazing experience with everyone!

So I was raised in the LDS church (mormon) and have always loved going to church and loved the gospel. But i've always been told that you get that true conversion moment where no part of you denies the church or questions it.

I always thought that I had that moment at Girls camp a few years back. but oh was I wrong.

I love reading books from deseret book they are GRAND! anyways I read one the other night and this feeling came over me. I knelt and prayed and I felt like someone was hugging me!! It was amazing! i couldn't stop crying! I have NEVER felt the spirit so strong!!

I didn't even want to go to sleep! I just wanted to kneel and talk to my best friend all night!!! Guys the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is TRUE!!!!!!

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