Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Season

So this holiday season I've been super busy!
Work has been crazy! But I'm so grateful for the boys I work with, they are my best friends and always know how to cheer me up if it's giving me a hug or a cd! I have such a love for each of them, they make my job so much easier!

Being out of school and being able to spend more time with my family has been such a blessing! I have a crazy family but the love we share is amazing. My favorite thing this season was going to the cemetary with my family and singing christmas carols in front of my grandma's grave. I couldn't stop crying I can't imagine losing my best friend like my grandpa did. She was the love of his life.

I am also so grateful for the friends in my life. I know I'm not as close to some as I used to be. But I know they are always a phone call away! And I would do anything for any of them!

and here are the pictures i'm sure you all were waiting for!