Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So i have this problem.......

So i have this problem that when i start laughing i cannot control it i just keep laughing and laughing and my laugh is very loud! so i was in the BYU library with my friend Tabitha and she was listening to music on her laptop (she did not have headphones) so i told her it was a little loud so she went to turn it down and instead of turning it down she turned it all the way up! Everyone was looking at her and she finally muted it and i could not hold in my laughter!! i just kept laughing and laughing mostly when she whispered to me "I pushed the wrong button" no duh!! oh my funniest ever!! i was laughing so hard in my hands and some boys behind me one asked if i was crying and his friend explained to him that i was in fact laughing which made me laugh even harder!! what a great moment!
But i know later i'm going to think about this and start laughing and it's probably going to be in class!

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