Tuesday, July 19, 2011

College life 101

So some people have mentioned they like to hear about my college experience so here is a couple things i have seen as a student at Brigham Young University.....
1) People walk around playing Game Boys! um how old are we?!?!
2) kids in my Physical Science class take pictures of kids sleeping in class! (i guess whatever keeps you entertained)
3) The first thing boys do when they see you is check if you're wearing a wedding ring.
4) boys watch glee in review sessions of classes they are not even in. hmmmm?!?!
5) when you say you're a freshman that could be one of the following:
You are the just out of high school kids
Just off the mission
Transfer student
or the old people that never got the chance to go to school.
6) Study groups don't always consist of studding!!
7) getting into complete strangers cars give you a free ride!!
8) Tests are no fun!! (always smile)
9) people ask if you are getting married soon and when you explain that you're only 18 they say "so"

1 comment:

  1. 10 = truth. Summer school is no fun! I just got my butt kicked by a chemistry test. :(