Friday, July 29, 2011

Out of sight not out of mind....

A year ago yesterday I lost a friend to a tragic accident. I have known him my whole life i remember elementary school with him running around together, Middle school, Junior high, and then High School i saw him play amazing football games and wrestle and run track. i'll never forget my birthday when he told me how old i was getting and i reminded him that he was WAY older then me. even though he was only a couple months. i will never forget all the things he taught me. Sitting behind him and his family in stake conference and how loving he was to his little brothers and sisters.
I love you Brandon Curtis!! BC#30 forever strong!!!
Til we meet again my friend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[Insert name here]

Dear [Insert name here],
I'm sorry I didn't write this sooner. you deserve to hear what I've got to say. I want you to know how much you mean to me. Memory's of you and the moments we shared together often flow into my mind sometimes tears threaten to wash my face and sometimes they bring laughter!! You are so special!!! We all make mistakes and I have watched you make many!!! I now wish i could have stepped in and been the friend you needed, sometimes i did. Funny how times change. I wish i had the courage to write this to you  but i don't. This letter is to all of those who have passed on, those who  I've walked away from, those who have walked away from me, those who i watched silently ruin their lives, those who i loved but never told and those who i feel need a reminding. To all those people I love you!! i Miss you and I need you in my life!!!
God Bless

TV shows!!

I am Obsessed over these TV shows.................It's a problem!

These are My BOYS!!!!

 From Make it or break it!!!
 OH CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Sean Faris!! yum!!!
 Don't ask me why but Lil Wayne!
 Country Boys!!!
 Green Arrow!!
 Stephen Strait!!! yes sir!!
And of Course REGGIE BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24th of July!!

So in Utah we celebrate Pioneer day!! which means school and work off!! Yay!!! So as a family we went to Park City and did the Alpine Slide, Zipline and Alpine Coaster!! The Coaster was by far the best!! It was a fun way to spend the day as a family!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

College life 101

So some people have mentioned they like to hear about my college experience so here is a couple things i have seen as a student at Brigham Young University.....
1) People walk around playing Game Boys! um how old are we?!?!
2) kids in my Physical Science class take pictures of kids sleeping in class! (i guess whatever keeps you entertained)
3) The first thing boys do when they see you is check if you're wearing a wedding ring.
4) boys watch glee in review sessions of classes they are not even in. hmmmm?!?!
5) when you say you're a freshman that could be one of the following:
You are the just out of high school kids
Just off the mission
Transfer student
or the old people that never got the chance to go to school.
6) Study groups don't always consist of studding!!
7) getting into complete strangers cars give you a free ride!!
8) Tests are no fun!! (always smile)
9) people ask if you are getting married soon and when you explain that you're only 18 they say "so"

So i have this problem.......

So i have this problem that when i start laughing i cannot control it i just keep laughing and laughing and my laugh is very loud! so i was in the BYU library with my friend Tabitha and she was listening to music on her laptop (she did not have headphones) so i told her it was a little loud so she went to turn it down and instead of turning it down she turned it all the way up! Everyone was looking at her and she finally muted it and i could not hold in my laughter!! i just kept laughing and laughing mostly when she whispered to me "I pushed the wrong button" no duh!! oh my funniest ever!! i was laughing so hard in my hands and some boys behind me one asked if i was crying and his friend explained to him that i was in fact laughing which made me laugh even harder!! what a great moment!
But i know later i'm going to think about this and start laughing and it's probably going to be in class!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Holy Sunset!!

I was on my way to my friends house last night and saw this beautiful sunset and had to run and get my camera!! I even took pictures while driving i hope that isn't against the law!!

mess ups!!

Ok so usually you don't post the 'bad' pictures but these just crack me up!! ENJOY!!!
 LL's attempt of jumping!!
 Not the inappropriate look i was going for
 i tried to make this one look good.......FAIL!
 Lauralei tried! hmmm!
great plan Erin jump over this! FAIL!!!

Salt Lake Adventure!!

 Trax!! it was her first time!!!
 Here we come!!!

 No words