Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shoe rack!

Ok so i have a problem, I have this wonderful shoe rack that holds aprox. 30 pairs of my shoes! Which i love because I can put all my favorites on here! (I have WAY more then 30 pairs of shoes.) it has another section you can attach below that would hold 13 more pairs of shoes but it has decided to keep breaking!

Plus i'm forced to fix these 30 pairs of shoes about once a week. which is a pain. darn perfectionist!!!

Ok another confession, I LOVE HEELS!! I couldn't wear them everyday but to church I love them!!! and they have to be TALL!!! I love the feeling of being tall. If only genetics would have given me that. and less to my brother!!

Ok so you all know how i LOVE my Toms. I wore my gold glittery ones today to class and i've never gotten so many compliments on my shoes before and they were all from GUYS!!! Which was both flattering and disturbing!!

And of course my Indian shoes!! Which I love so much!! they are beautiful!! When i wear them I think of the man that sold them to me and laugh. He was crazy!!!

So as you can see I love shoes!! Maybe one day i'll take the time to pull out all my shoes and show you how many i really have!! but for now you can check out my favorites!! Love shoes!!!


Monday, August 29, 2011

First day at UVU!

Today was an INSANE DAY!!!
I got up and drove to school (I now have a new hate for the freeway!) Took me about a half hour to get from Springville to Orem, Utah drivers such (yes i'm a Utah driver but that is besides the point) everyone has to stop and stare when others get into accidents clearly there's a reason we are all on the freeway so move over!!!

I get to school and park way out of the way I go and get my wonderful $5 parking pass for the Institute parking instead of the $80 one that the school is trying to sell. then i start to head over to main campus to get my Student ID when I see my bestie Alexus!!! it was very exciting!

I get my student ID and go to the hall of flags and meet up with my twin Emily and then Mckayla! Then as I was about to head off to my first class I saw my Buddies Cody and Mike (cobabe!) It was great! then we saw michelle!!! great moment!!

As I was making my way to my class I saw little Annaly!! then I ran into a girl I golfed with in High School!! It was fun to catch up!

My first class was Humanities!! call me nerdy but i'm sort of excited for that class it seems like it will be interesting. But we have to watch Star wars. strange!

I met back with Emily and there were two kids sitting by us a girl and a boy and i over heard their conversation all about getting high (i'm not at BYU anymore!) then there was a creeper man on the other side who asked if we were majoring in boys! ok old man!!!

Then we went and got free chips!! which pretty much made my day!

Then I went to my second and last class of the day. Geology. This class is a distance learning class which means we take it and so does about 90 high school kids (they watch it from their schools) it's pretty entertaining to watch them because we can see them but they can't see us!!

Then I made the trek back to my car and realized I locked my keys inside. Awesome! So i call my dad and as i wait for him I watch Transformers on my ipod nerdy much?!

So as you can tell it was a eventful day!!!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Classes picked! :)

So I am officially signed up for school, and yes it does start Monday!! I am taking 12 credit hours and 4 classes I'm taking
Geology- not looking forward to this class, I just got done with Physical Science

GOLF ONE!!!!- I'm way excited for this class!! I'm going to kick some golf butt!!!

oh and not to mention I have 7am classes four times a week......Great!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


This past year has been stocked full of change.
Exciting changes, Sad changes, and the life changing changes!!!

At this time last year I would be attending High School my senior year was a crazy roller coaster.
I found out who I really was, which was both fun and very exhausting!

prayed more then ever before

fell in love, and out

found true friends

was betrayed

chased and got chased

was given amazing gifts

cried three times

tried college

studied my brains out

went to the greatest place in the world

gave everything I could to people who had nothing

got third degree burns

spent time with my family

scuba dived four times

wished i could turn back time

found comfort in food

laughed for hours on end

met my best friends

went for forever long airplane rides

ran countless miles

took countless pictures

found beauty in an ugly world

spoke up

kept quiet

got hurt

trusted the wrong people

said goodbye to so many people

finally let people in

lost my wisdom

lost myself

finally grew up!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The unthinkable!!!

Today I decided to do the unthinkable......Clean my room!

I enjoy reorganizing my clothes I do it about four to five times a week, but my floor is another story you never know what you're going to find.

But doing this made me realize I have some strange habits....

I love smart water a little too much!!! I have developed this many bottles over a couple weeks!!!

and it would seem as if i can't part from my shopping bags.....

Heaven help me....

My Crazy Thursday!!!

Today has been an Insane day!!!!

I woke up and got ready and drove to Orem to get all signed up for school

Took me a while to find the admissions place I spoke to this kid who was strange...he called me smalls??? um ok? pretty much he told me to go home and apply there!

so I drove back to Springville and sent in my application and paid the late fee.

Then I had to go to my High School to get my transcript. It was so weird to go back and see all the youngsters!!!

I got to see all of the lovely ladies in the office who I miss!!

I got my transcript and on my way home I got pulled over for the first time EVER!!! it was so so scary!!! He let me go with a warning, he was a way nice guy!!

I got home and called UVU and talked to a lady who told me that I wouldn't get in, in time.

So I drove back over Orem and gave them my transcript and the nice man who told me that I would know tomorrow if i get in and all i need to do at this point is make an appointment with the lady in charge of the psychology department.

so I did that! whew!!! stress gone!!! Now i need to have a wonderful weekend before school starts!!!


My life has been quite a roller coaster lately

I didn't get my dream job, and I didn't make it into the college that I wanted

I have three days to sign up for another college, which is extremely stressful

My allergies are being INSANE I sneeze like a thousand times today!!! My eyes itch like no other. so I end rubbing them and then my contacts move and there's makeup all over my face. Which is no good!!!

These are all minor set backs so I have decided to start looking at the positive things in my life!

because the good things always override the bad!

I have a loving family, yes this past week has stressed us all out but at the end of the day we are here for each other!!

I have the greatest friends they are here for me every step of the way! and encourage everything I decide to do.

And most importantly I have my Heavenly Father and brother Jesus Christ who know me personally and have a plan for me

So my advice to all of you lovely people is to cut the negative out of your life and enjoy it!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WARNING: i'm blogging angry!!

Well I just received the worst phone call in history. After all my hard work this summer at BYU and my countless hours trying to get in for fall. I just got a call telling me I have NOT gotten in for fall. Do you realize what this means? Because I do!!
#1 I don't get to attend the school that i've wanted to my whole life
#2 that dream job that i got on campus.....yep lost that!!!
#3 Explaining to EVERYONE how and why i'm no longer at BYU
#4 All my new friends, yeah i won't get to see them very often.
And plenty other reasons.

well as you can tell i'm angry!!!

Everything happens for a reason i suppose.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Goodbye Summer!!

Wow! this summer has been CRAZY!!! Between school and friends i lost A LOT of sleep!! but isn't that the beauty of being young? I am so grateful for my family and my old and new friends who made this summer great!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

My dad and brother had their birthdays!!! love them!!

 I met lots of friends at BYU!!! Thanks you guys are the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!
 Me and Tabby went to Zupas like a billion and a half times!!!

 I went to lagoon with my besties!!!

Catalina with my dad and mom!! Scuba!!!!

went to the Stadium of fire with my familia!! and saw the BEAUTIFUL Bradley Paisley!!!

 Spent the fourth with my wonderful family!!!!

Saw some wonderful sunsets!!!!

Went to Park City with the family!!!

went to the Res with my besties!!! even though i can't swim and Michelle saved my life no biggie!!!

Youth conference with my camping crew!!!

and had a great time with these ladies!!!

went to the zoo and spent countless hours with my YMAD besties!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Because India is the greatest place in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

So lately I've been missing India like crazy!!! and I'm sure everyone is sick of me talking about it! so here are some pictures I've never posted ever!!!! Any questions about my trip leave a comment!!!

 These are my favorite pictures because the kids would take creeper pictures of you!! makes me smile everytime!!

 Great food!!! YUM!!!

 Because i love these kids like my own!!!!

 IRA school!!!

 Because me and Goo Goo never take good pictures!!!
 Most Beautiful place in the world!!!

 Before they got all dirty!! i like them better dirty!!!

 wrong side!! we love PINKU!!!!

Long post i know but so so worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!