Monday, August 22, 2011

Goodbye Summer!!

Wow! this summer has been CRAZY!!! Between school and friends i lost A LOT of sleep!! but isn't that the beauty of being young? I am so grateful for my family and my old and new friends who made this summer great!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

My dad and brother had their birthdays!!! love them!!

 I met lots of friends at BYU!!! Thanks you guys are the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!
 Me and Tabby went to Zupas like a billion and a half times!!!

 I went to lagoon with my besties!!!

Catalina with my dad and mom!! Scuba!!!!

went to the Stadium of fire with my familia!! and saw the BEAUTIFUL Bradley Paisley!!!

 Spent the fourth with my wonderful family!!!!

Saw some wonderful sunsets!!!!

Went to Park City with the family!!!

went to the Res with my besties!!! even though i can't swim and Michelle saved my life no biggie!!!

Youth conference with my camping crew!!!

and had a great time with these ladies!!!

went to the zoo and spent countless hours with my YMAD besties!!


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