Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer daze!!

To my brother!!

Dear Chris,
Happy birthday!! your 22 now!! i love you so much!! you are one of my best friends! i look up to you so much! you're such an example to me!! I feel so blessed to have a brother who gave up two years of his life to serve the lord!!! i love you always!!
love your baby sis

some fun pictures!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Taken by yours truly!!!

i found a random file of pictures i've taken!! ENJOY!!!
 my moms business!!

 self portraits!


First day of college!

Since today was a surprisingly eventful day i thought i'd share:
Today was my first day of college!!! I had a physical science class it started out very well i got to sit next to a pretty good looking kid! the professer was funny and mentioned that alot of students complain that this class is to easy (WAHOO!!!)
one of the first things i noticed was that students brought their moms and dads to class with them....what the?!?! i'm sorry are we in Kindergarten?!?!
I understood everything we learned about!!!
but then after class i almost fell flat on my face....awesome!!!
then i met up with my brother and he bought me lunch! go me!!
wonder what adventures will happen tomorrow!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To my daddy!!

Dear dad,
Thank you so much for be so wonderful!! you are the best dad EVER!! you are always there for me and always make me laugh!!! ALWAYS!!! I love our daddy daughter dates! and when you tell me stories about work (thats what i was thinking about) haha!!
Your little girl,