Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photoshop isn't all bad!!!

So lately I've noticed alot of photo shop hate going on! and I've decided to defend it just a little! I do see the cons of Photo shop and how people use it in a not good way such as changing themselves in such drastic ways that they look like completely different people. But I guess I should defend my way of using it:

1st: Whenever I post edited pictures on facebook or my blog or anywhere else I always post the negative image just so people don't think I always look that perfect.
2nd: I never and I mean NEVER mess with the weight of the people whose pictures I edit there's no need to. People are perfect why would I mess with that.
3rd: I never mess up peoples faces in a mean way. Okay I admit I have messed with my hair but it's just for fun!

So these are some pictures I've edited you can decide:

Evil or Not

 Let me know what you think!


What a way to start the new year....

So I've always felt like new years was a funny thing. It's a day where we reflect back on our past 365 days and how we've grown and what we've lost. Then we decide to change ourselves to be better so we all make silly lists that include things like Lose weight, Go to another country, clean the house.......

You know it we all do it. Usually we don't actually go through with them but this year I'm sticking to mine. This past year I've grown up so so much.

I graduated from High School
I Went to another country and saw the most terrible things.
I started college less then a month after High school
I slacked off and lost something I've always wanted
I started a new college
I made relationship mistakes but learned so much from them
I got mono hahahaha still makes me laugh
I got a job!!!! which I LOVE!!!!!
And so much more!
I am so thankful for what 2011 brought me and I can only hope that I've learned from my mistakes last year and see what 2012 will bring.

As of today I'm changing the way I think of life and of people. I'm going to make myself happy, no more people pleasing. My life is about me now (wow i sound selfish!) but really I'm sick of getting hurt and of taking care of everyone else.

That's all for now!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And it's a new semester....

Holy Cow! Time flys when your having fun! Christmas break was super fun!

I got to see family, hang out with some friends i feel like i haven't seen in forever, went on a couple dates with Travis, GOT A JOB at FANZZ!!!!! Yes it's a dream come true and yes i get paid to watch sports! 

So now i'm in my third semester of college. 
I was actually really excited to for this semester (nerdy!) I can tell it's going to be a challenge but I'm ready for it!

1st class is Student Success- I'm actually super excited for this class and not just because EMILY is going to be in it but also I'm hoping it will help me with my poor test taking. 

2nd class- English- I have this class with Ethan Stokes which will make it quite interesting! The teacher seems super chill which is great she's also polish! 

3rd class- American National Government- Also have with Ethan. Usually Government bores me but so far I love this class, I love the discussions that take place and hearing stupid comments from my fellow classmates!

4th class- Institute- Which of course will be wonderful minus the fact that my teacher has decided to take on the roll of matchmaker! 

last class 5th class- Biological Anthropology- Also with Ethan! This class looks super challenging but i am confident that i can pass and learn lots! also i get biology out of the way! yay!!!!

Thats all for now!



Sunday, January 1, 2012


Okay I may be a tad obsessed with shoes right now!

Check out my latest purchases:


 Check these cuties out!!! :)


  These are perfect to go to work in! I can wear them all day with no problems!


  I couldn't help myself! They were on sale! :)


  I can't get over these, I've been wanting a pair of Sperrys and these are perfect! 


 Flats and heels, black and brown, whats better then that?!?!


2012 :)

What a Glamorous and Epic year 2012 will be:

Want: What I really want in 2012 is:
  • To be able to make my own choices 
  • Map our my schooling plan
  • Create a photography business type thing
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Learn how to manage my money
  • To make our house feel more like a home  
Need: What I really need in 2012 is: 
  • Good grades so i can get back to BYU
  • To say more prayers and read my scriptures more
  • Learn how to spend my time more wisely 
  • To finally grow up and learn responsibly
  • To learn better study habits
  • Get more sleep
Share: What I will share in 2012 is: 
  • Volunteer work
  • My love for the gospel
  • LOVE
  • Put aside money to go back to India
Succeed: In 2012 I will succeed at: 
  • Photography jobs
  • More blog followers
  • School
  • Family relationships
  • Friend relationships
  • Smile more
  • Visiting teaching and other church callings
  • My self esteem