Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And it's a new semester....

Holy Cow! Time flys when your having fun! Christmas break was super fun!

I got to see family, hang out with some friends i feel like i haven't seen in forever, went on a couple dates with Travis, GOT A JOB at FANZZ!!!!! Yes it's a dream come true and yes i get paid to watch sports! 

So now i'm in my third semester of college. 
I was actually really excited to for this semester (nerdy!) I can tell it's going to be a challenge but I'm ready for it!

1st class is Student Success- I'm actually super excited for this class and not just because EMILY is going to be in it but also I'm hoping it will help me with my poor test taking. 

2nd class- English- I have this class with Ethan Stokes which will make it quite interesting! The teacher seems super chill which is great she's also polish! 

3rd class- American National Government- Also have with Ethan. Usually Government bores me but so far I love this class, I love the discussions that take place and hearing stupid comments from my fellow classmates!

4th class- Institute- Which of course will be wonderful minus the fact that my teacher has decided to take on the roll of matchmaker! 

last class 5th class- Biological Anthropology- Also with Ethan! This class looks super challenging but i am confident that i can pass and learn lots! also i get biology out of the way! yay!!!!

Thats all for now!



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