Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photoshop isn't all bad!!!

So lately I've noticed alot of photo shop hate going on! and I've decided to defend it just a little! I do see the cons of Photo shop and how people use it in a not good way such as changing themselves in such drastic ways that they look like completely different people. But I guess I should defend my way of using it:

1st: Whenever I post edited pictures on facebook or my blog or anywhere else I always post the negative image just so people don't think I always look that perfect.
2nd: I never and I mean NEVER mess with the weight of the people whose pictures I edit there's no need to. People are perfect why would I mess with that.
3rd: I never mess up peoples faces in a mean way. Okay I admit I have messed with my hair but it's just for fun!

So these are some pictures I've edited you can decide:

Evil or Not

 Let me know what you think!


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