Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas :)

Yes it finally came....CHRISTMAS!!!
A part of me is a little sad this season is over I'm going to miss buying gifts for others, christmas lights, hot coco, Christmas movies, Christmas Hymns, and with absolutly NO snow it makes me super sad!!!
Snow is wonderful it brings you snowboarding and it makes everything look so beautiful. Not to mention snowball fights!

Well I was treated so well today! I have the best family!

Here's the Goods:

my new shoes! aren't they beautiful!

These boots are so steller!

BYU poster! YUMMMM!!!!! :)

Perfume! gotta smell good! ;)

My cute clothes! :)


Fast five, Heros, and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's just me.

So A while back I decided I wanted to write a blog all about things Guys do that they think women think are attractive but aren't.

But talking to different girls I realized that I don't fully agree with what they said......

So my idea sort of backfired as I realized that my opinions are not the same as most girls.....AWESOME!

We had alot of the same ideas such as:
When a guy is a douche bag

When guys talk about other girls (This doesn't bother me except when they go on and on, we get it she's beautiful!)

When guys swear to act tough......

Players! ha

But I shared this experience with some people and they seemed to disagree with how I handled it:

I was sitting in the LA building at school waiting for class to start, I was eating a quick bite because I was starving! A extremely attractive guy walked over and sat next to me, He must have come from the work out room that was also in that building. He was wearing gym shorts and had his shirt off and had it tucked into the back of his shorts. I'll admit it he was beautiful and his body looked like it came straight out of a Hollister ad. He started talking to me, and I can't even remember what he talked to me about because I was so confused why this man wasn't wearing a shirt.It was FREEZING outside, and the hallway wasn't much better. I asked him if he could please put his shirt on. He looked shocked and so did the girl sitting on the other side of him. He asked me why? And I explained as nice as possible that I was eating and his half naked body near my food made me repulsed (no I didn't use that word, I was nice!) He just starred at me......So then I asked him why he bothered carring around his shirt if he was just going to stick it down his pant?! It didn't make any sense to me. He put his shirt on and finished talking he was nice but I think he could tell I was uninterested. After he left the girl next to me leaned over and asked me what was wrong with me....I told her I just wanted to eat my lunch without getting man sweat on it.

So this may just be me. But I just don't understand what part of that made that kid think it was acceptable. Yes you have a nice body but honestly lets not show it off to the world.

All in all, us girls, we want to be treated great!!!! Is that so hard to ask?!?! so lets get rid of the players and just become honest with each other.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Photography Fun!!!

So as most of you know....or don't!

It's something I want to major in!
So when Travis suggested for a date I teach him about photography I decided we could have some fun! and that's exactly what we did!

Check out our Stellar Slow shutter-speed pictures:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


so this week was finals week......or as i like to call it......HELL WEEK!!!! (sorry but it is!!)

Finals week for me consists of:
No Sleep

Terrible dreams of me missing my finals or DYING

My brain hurting

Study Groups

Also always on the drive over there I am extremely paranoid that I'm going to get in an accident or break my leg slipping on my way to the class.

This week is extremely stressful!

But not anymore it's OVER!!!!!! :) :) :)

I'm going to miss.......

Sitting in the Hall of Flags with Emily, Mckayla, john....athan, and My hubby Cody!!

English with my besties Ethan and Wyatt! :)

English class all together.......super funny!!

Humanities with all the crazy music videos

doing whatever i wanted in American Heritage and hearing mission stories from the kids behind me!!!

Geology....NOT i hated that class!

The random things me and Joey do in class like watching LMFAO videos

JDAWG Wednesday!!!

creepy rice man

outdoors man

yoga girl

stalking kid

married men ewww never mind!!!

This was a good semester but I'm ver happy it's over! :)


Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Phobias....

So I have a phobia and that phobia is germs.....
I go through so much hand sanitizer and worry about it constantly, Going to India helped me a ton I got over it for a little bit.
But no it's back, I worry about touching things mostly door handles, money and tabletops.
My poor future children are going to be limited on what they are allowed to do.....

Another problem I have is i'm a perfectionist. (with certain things)
I need things in order. If i'm at home, school, shopping at the store, even at other peoples houses.
I have things in a certain place. my room isn't spotless but everything has a place.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Change Sucks!

Why is it that life has to change so quickly? Change is good it gives you more experiences and new ones!

But sometimes change needs to come in smaller loads, it seems like in my life at least when one thing changes, everything changes. And with that your whole world falls apart because you are lost. Being lost in your own life sucks because it seems like you yourself are the only one that can't help to fix it. When in reality the changes are usually your own fault such as when you go for that guy that you know is to good for you, or when you change friends, or when you decide to look at life differently.

Change always has to happen we just need to learn how to handle it.

Even when you look back at "how it used to be" you may see trials and difficulties but for some reason you may want to be back in that moment.

When you wake up in the morning you should look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you see. I'm not talking just about looks, I'm talking about how you carry yourself, what you say, and how you treat others.

So my advice to you would be to:

accept change no matter how difficult

Go for the "gold" because you truly do deserve the best and who's to say you CAN'T have it?

Don't dwell in the past, you can look back in the review mirror but you need to always keep your eyes on the road ahead of you.

Be proud of who you are, it's hard, but you are who you are (no Ke$ha reference intended)

And be friends to all, smile when you pass people, hold the doors open for strangers, give compliments when the opportunity presents itself, and always be willing to help another person.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How my dad found out I had Mono.......

I haven't been feeling any good lately. Over Thanksgiving break was the worst, I started out with a cold, then i got the flu, and then a sore throat. Which I believed was Strep Throat. So I called my dad up and got him to take me to the doctors. We got there and I got weighted and they measured my height. I weight less then I thought I did which was a plus, but i'm shorter then I thought which is a negative. Then they took a swab of my throat and we waited....
The doctor came in and informed us that I tested negative for strep
"YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!" (inside my brain)
"Cool" ( this is really me talking)
"Instead you have a virus.......you have mono" Doctor
"OH CRAP!!!!!!" (both out loud and in my head)
"SHE DOES!!!!" (that would be my father)

Yep so now I have mono.......I've had it a month according to the doctor. This has now a huge joke in my family. I get to hear about it every chance my family gets an opportunity to bring it up.

But I also find it extremly funny. I kiss one guy (like really kiss) and I end up with Mono.....WTF

But i've been playing off my pain by saying things like "I'd give him mono!" when I see a good looking guy. Or asking random people to make out! haha oh geez.

Good thing I'm not a slut.....Thats all for now!



The Kooks! :)

So last night I went to The Kooks Concert with my friend Travis and it was a BLAST!!! here are some pictures. (they suck I know! I knew I should have brought my LSD camera!)