Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's just me.

So A while back I decided I wanted to write a blog all about things Guys do that they think women think are attractive but aren't.

But talking to different girls I realized that I don't fully agree with what they said......

So my idea sort of backfired as I realized that my opinions are not the same as most girls.....AWESOME!

We had alot of the same ideas such as:
When a guy is a douche bag

When guys talk about other girls (This doesn't bother me except when they go on and on, we get it she's beautiful!)

When guys swear to act tough......

Players! ha

But I shared this experience with some people and they seemed to disagree with how I handled it:

I was sitting in the LA building at school waiting for class to start, I was eating a quick bite because I was starving! A extremely attractive guy walked over and sat next to me, He must have come from the work out room that was also in that building. He was wearing gym shorts and had his shirt off and had it tucked into the back of his shorts. I'll admit it he was beautiful and his body looked like it came straight out of a Hollister ad. He started talking to me, and I can't even remember what he talked to me about because I was so confused why this man wasn't wearing a shirt.It was FREEZING outside, and the hallway wasn't much better. I asked him if he could please put his shirt on. He looked shocked and so did the girl sitting on the other side of him. He asked me why? And I explained as nice as possible that I was eating and his half naked body near my food made me repulsed (no I didn't use that word, I was nice!) He just starred at me......So then I asked him why he bothered carring around his shirt if he was just going to stick it down his pant?! It didn't make any sense to me. He put his shirt on and finished talking he was nice but I think he could tell I was uninterested. After he left the girl next to me leaned over and asked me what was wrong with me....I told her I just wanted to eat my lunch without getting man sweat on it.

So this may just be me. But I just don't understand what part of that made that kid think it was acceptable. Yes you have a nice body but honestly lets not show it off to the world.

All in all, us girls, we want to be treated great!!!! Is that so hard to ask?!?! so lets get rid of the players and just become honest with each other.


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