Wednesday, December 14, 2011


so this week was finals week......or as i like to call it......HELL WEEK!!!! (sorry but it is!!)

Finals week for me consists of:
No Sleep

Terrible dreams of me missing my finals or DYING

My brain hurting

Study Groups

Also always on the drive over there I am extremely paranoid that I'm going to get in an accident or break my leg slipping on my way to the class.

This week is extremely stressful!

But not anymore it's OVER!!!!!! :) :) :)

I'm going to miss.......

Sitting in the Hall of Flags with Emily, Mckayla, john....athan, and My hubby Cody!!

English with my besties Ethan and Wyatt! :)

English class all together.......super funny!!

Humanities with all the crazy music videos

doing whatever i wanted in American Heritage and hearing mission stories from the kids behind me!!!

Geology....NOT i hated that class!

The random things me and Joey do in class like watching LMFAO videos

JDAWG Wednesday!!!

creepy rice man

outdoors man

yoga girl

stalking kid

married men ewww never mind!!!

This was a good semester but I'm ver happy it's over! :)


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