Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fashion blog

So confession I'm totally and completely OBSESSED with clothes. This is something I hope to keep from any potential husband! So here are my fashion tips for you guys:

#1- Never ever ever EVER wear solid black with solid brown! HUGE NO NO!! Honestly the only time i'm a fan of black and brown together is Cheetah print! Which i'm obsessed with! Even my sheets are cheetah print!

#2- Be comfortable! There are a lot of cute comfortable styles out there, no need to be uncomfortable!

#3-Self expression: add a little flavor to your style! I love sports so I am always on the hunt for cute Sport related items. (check out the photo below) Also if you have a favorite color or print, use it in fun and creative ways!!

Featured: Boston red sox shirt $36, Heart jeans $56


Pictures pictures and more pictures

Alright so I probably should get the worst blogger award. But here I am so there!!! So lots of exciting things have been going down: I finished my second year of college, went to New Orleans, got a raise at work, and took some stunning pictures of my beautiful cousin who is graduating high school!!!

It's been two years since i've graduated, I'm still in shock! Those two years went by quick!!! So here are some of my pictures and hers!!


I know i'm no pro....but what do you all think?!