Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break!

So this week is spring break! H yeah!!! :)

Sleeping in
car wash with em
buffalo daze
Shopping with McKayla- VS girl is a B
SCUBA with my daddy!! yay

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Love will make you beautiful!

The type of girl I am:

I've been thinking alot about how others view me. One thing i've figured out about myself is that I am very different from others.

I'm the type that:

blasts Indian music to make me feel better

loves winter for four reasons- Football, snowboarding, cuddling, and Christmas!!!

Loves to shop but doesn't take my time shopping (get in and get out)

Fast food was invented for me!!!!

I follow my heart and ignore my head.

getting hurt is a good excuse to grow

shoes are wonderful!!!

Water and Diet Coke are mandatory!!!

my nails always have to be painted!


I am always up for a dance party!!

Sometimes i dream in black and white

I dream very often but usually my dreams are really scary and prevents me from sleeping.

I'd much rather have someone hold me then kiss me.

I hate being alone

laughter is really the best medicine

the cup is always half full

Without the gospel i'd be nowhere

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Age is just a number baby!!

    So my 19th birthday is coming up so i've been thinking a lot about age.
My whole life I have been cut down by my age, if it's by adults saying I wouldn't understand their conversations, guys who say they are too old for me or that I am just a naive blonde girl that knows nothing about important facts.....

This is what I say to that.....
Yeah I might not know a lot about certain things but once I learn about things I research things out and develop my own opinion about things.
I've seen some horrible things in my life that have stuck with me.
Yeah I'm not the smartest person in the world but neither are you!
Age is just a number baby! ;) haha jk!

On a side note:

Today I wasn't feeling my best so I went on a shopping spree haha oh online shopping you'll be the death of me!

What I bought:
Kony Kit
Kony tee shirt
a falling whistle

I'm so excited and I hope my money can go and help others! I'm so lucky to have what I have!

Next shopping spree is going to Victoria Secret!! YAY!!! :)

I hope everyone is doing good!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cut that out!!

So i've been thinking alot about what to write so many ideas have run through my head. And I think i've finally found a topic I feel strongly about. It's something I think we've all experienced.

"Learn to love what's good for you"
That's a phrase i'm sure we've all heard, or at least something along those lines. 
But what does it mean?

To me I look at it more as get the negatives out of your life.
I've seen so many people date people they don't truly like, are a negative effect on them, or don't bring out the best in them. 

So let me ask why do we do this?

Here are my opinions: 
  1. You get in this comfortable funk and don't bother changing.
  2. You think "I'll never be cared or loved like this again" < this right here is wrong DEAD WRONG!!!! You'll find someone who treats you better and actually loves you.
  3. You are scared to lose that person all together. And you might but perhaps it's for the better. 
  4. They just fit into your lifestyle, perhaps they get along with your family, your friends. 
  5. Perhaps you aren't financially stable or you need this person psychologically. 

My advice is to view your life through anothers eyes. are you the same person?
does this person you are with bring out the best in you and lift you up to be a better person?

If not GET OUT!!!