Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Age is just a number baby!!

    So my 19th birthday is coming up so i've been thinking a lot about age.
My whole life I have been cut down by my age, if it's by adults saying I wouldn't understand their conversations, guys who say they are too old for me or that I am just a naive blonde girl that knows nothing about important facts.....

This is what I say to that.....
Yeah I might not know a lot about certain things but once I learn about things I research things out and develop my own opinion about things.
I've seen some horrible things in my life that have stuck with me.
Yeah I'm not the smartest person in the world but neither are you!
Age is just a number baby! ;) haha jk!

On a side note:

Today I wasn't feeling my best so I went on a shopping spree haha oh online shopping you'll be the death of me!

What I bought:
Kony Kit
Kony tee shirt
a falling whistle

I'm so excited and I hope my money can go and help others! I'm so lucky to have what I have!

Next shopping spree is going to Victoria Secret!! YAY!!! :)

I hope everyone is doing good!

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