Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cut that out!!

So i've been thinking alot about what to write so many ideas have run through my head. And I think i've finally found a topic I feel strongly about. It's something I think we've all experienced.

"Learn to love what's good for you"
That's a phrase i'm sure we've all heard, or at least something along those lines. 
But what does it mean?

To me I look at it more as get the negatives out of your life.
I've seen so many people date people they don't truly like, are a negative effect on them, or don't bring out the best in them. 

So let me ask why do we do this?

Here are my opinions: 
  1. You get in this comfortable funk and don't bother changing.
  2. You think "I'll never be cared or loved like this again" < this right here is wrong DEAD WRONG!!!! You'll find someone who treats you better and actually loves you.
  3. You are scared to lose that person all together. And you might but perhaps it's for the better. 
  4. They just fit into your lifestyle, perhaps they get along with your family, your friends. 
  5. Perhaps you aren't financially stable or you need this person psychologically. 

My advice is to view your life through anothers eyes. are you the same person?
does this person you are with bring out the best in you and lift you up to be a better person?

If not GET OUT!!!  

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