Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Love will make you beautiful!

The type of girl I am:

I've been thinking alot about how others view me. One thing i've figured out about myself is that I am very different from others.

I'm the type that:

blasts Indian music to make me feel better

loves winter for four reasons- Football, snowboarding, cuddling, and Christmas!!!

Loves to shop but doesn't take my time shopping (get in and get out)

Fast food was invented for me!!!!

I follow my heart and ignore my head.

getting hurt is a good excuse to grow

shoes are wonderful!!!

Water and Diet Coke are mandatory!!!

my nails always have to be painted!


I am always up for a dance party!!

Sometimes i dream in black and white

I dream very often but usually my dreams are really scary and prevents me from sleeping.

I'd much rather have someone hold me then kiss me.

I hate being alone

laughter is really the best medicine

the cup is always half full

Without the gospel i'd be nowhere

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