Thursday, June 9, 2011

I miss my YMAD friends!!!

So last night we had our welcome home for YMAD. It made me sad because i miss India sooo much!! but it gave me the amazing opportunity to see all my best friends!!! and i just wanted to write about what I love about everyone....

 Blake- always in charge. he never yelled at us even though i'm sure he thought about it!! He always looked out for our safety and was an amazing father like figure!! we couldn't have survived without him!!!

 Kelly- Even though she scared the crap out of me when she acted like she was going with this man on his motorcycle!! I love this women!! she is such a mom!! she was always there to talk and even though she said some naughty things that me and michelle overheard we love her!!!                                                     

Jason- This guy is amazing!!! I could listen to his stories for hours. He was such an amazing leader! He always laughed at my jokes even when they weren't really funny!! haha!! and this man can hook you up with whatever music you want!! it's amazing!! I will never forget when we were in Delhi and he pretty much saved our lives, oh and made sure i didn't get ripped off when i bought my sunglasses!!

 Jennifer-I loved Jenjohns mother wisdom she always had the motherly thing to say!! i loved when she talked about her family because i could tell she loves them so so much!!!

Kirsten- Ok she is the real thing!! I LOVE her!! she is such an amazing leader!! and has so much good advice!! she always made me laugh. her stories  both made me crack up and tear up!! she has been such an amazing example in my life!!

 Matt- oh boy how he reminds me of my cousin Jason!! He is insane!! he always made me laugh! even though he acted like i was stalking him even though i'm pretty sure he was stalking me. all of his old man slang "do me a solid!!" and when he yelled "I think it's my wife"!! what a great husband!! haha

Caitlin- I loved our pillow talk!! she cracks me up!! and how she always knew what i meant when i was talking about stuff!! how she acted like a kid when she needed to and an adult when she needed to!!

Jordan- I will NEVER forget Jordans laugh!! it would crack me up!! she was never rude once on this trip she always made me laugh! I loved talking to her, i have so much respect for her!! she is AMAZING!!

Caitlin- Boy can this girl sleep, it was insane to walk in a room with her and her lay down and be out!! her laugh was unforgettable. and i will never forget how boy-crazy she was i think she almost WANTED to be kidnapped the way she would just walk up to strangers.                                                                  

Michelle- My roomie!!! I love her!! all of our inside jokes that are too long to mention, she's been my best friend for like ever!! I love how in India i fell and we took a shower in our swimsuits and the night train!! haha I love how brilliant we think and how we always think of the same thing!!! I do not know what i would have done on this trip without her!!

Kaya- I love this girl with my whole heart!! she is for reals the nicest girl in the whole world!! she would always listen to my forever long stories and would give up anything to me!! If i had a sister i would pick Kaya because she is so amazing!! i am also super jealous that she is going to Africa holy cow!!

Sara- What i would have done on the airplane without her! she let me grab her arm when i was scarred!! when i was talking to her and she fell asleep! that made me laugh so hard!! she would always laugh with me and Jenn even though half the time she had no idea what in the world we were laughing at!!

  Jenn- My new found best friend!! he hit it off right at the begining! laughing on the plane and then it just went downhill from there!!we laughed at EVERYTHING!! I'll never forget our love for indian boys!!! ( i think that was a proposal!)  and we will marry the ones we talked about!! all of our steller dance parties!! And lets not forget the BURNING of our hands, which no one felt bad for us till the end!!

McKell- My fellow CTR!!  i love this girl! i loved watching her with the kids and all her amazing talents!! she has a TON!! she was an amazing teacher to both the kids and me!! I love how we  would have dance parties and fight for Pinku's car. and not to mention our LOVE for pinku!!! haha!!! I love you!!!

Tommy- oh my i love this kid!! he always made me laugh!! i LOVE when he got his haircut!! that made my day!! all of the Limca he drank! his positve attitude towards everything was such an example to me. and how he introduced me to Modern Family!! i cannot wait till we go to BYU together and become best friends!!!

Chase- I love chase!! he is so funny!!! i love how he somehow got me to go running!! haha and how i loved watching him play with the kids!! I love how i would ALWAYS just randomly give him a hug haha! and how photogenic he is! it's insane really!!

Mikey- he did wish we would get married so of course that's going to happen!!! he made me laugh everytime we talked!! I love how FREAKIN nice he is!! The one time he picked me up and ran all the way up the stairs oh boy! and all the tree's he climbed!! How Tommy started calling him Lightning! which is totally perfect!! when we went "running" and ate mango's and when he fell off the playground!! i think i spent the most time with him!! haha!! i cannot wait until BYU!!!

Cody- This kid can talk!!! his stories always amazed me, he doesn't have the best luck!! i will never forget when he just randomly kissed me, then Chase. haha still not sure how to take that!! how we went to last chance together and danced the night away!! he is a true friend!!! and i love him!!

Lorin- I love how he avoided Blogging like the Plaugh! how chill he was except when we played games! haha he would sometimes get so angry!! his obsession with blow-drying his towel! (i'm not stupid!)  when we played Uno on the roof!! and how nice he always was to me!! and how much food he got a McDonalds!!

Nate- I will never forget when we talked on the bus and how i was pretty sure he would be the future president! how he totally saved my life on the hike! like for reals i almost died!!! how he put up with all my blonde moments!!

Corbin- I will never forget playing games with him and the kids!! Also how many pictures he took and how much he wrote in his journal! i'm sure he'll never forget anything about India because of how much he wrote in that thing.

Cobabe- haha how could anyone forget this kid!! with all of his hena!! and that walk oh that walk how i would have nightmares about that walk!! how he was always up to doing anything!! he is the most insane kid i've ever met!! but at the same time he was always so nice and so funny!!

I love these kids! this is only half the stuff i love about them!! they are my best friends!! and this is without mentioning Raj and our translaters!! who i could write hours about!!!

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