Thursday, August 25, 2011


My life has been quite a roller coaster lately

I didn't get my dream job, and I didn't make it into the college that I wanted

I have three days to sign up for another college, which is extremely stressful

My allergies are being INSANE I sneeze like a thousand times today!!! My eyes itch like no other. so I end rubbing them and then my contacts move and there's makeup all over my face. Which is no good!!!

These are all minor set backs so I have decided to start looking at the positive things in my life!

because the good things always override the bad!

I have a loving family, yes this past week has stressed us all out but at the end of the day we are here for each other!!

I have the greatest friends they are here for me every step of the way! and encourage everything I decide to do.

And most importantly I have my Heavenly Father and brother Jesus Christ who know me personally and have a plan for me

So my advice to all of you lovely people is to cut the negative out of your life and enjoy it!!!!

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