Monday, August 15, 2011

Goodman Family on a diet..........What?!

So my mom is crazy about being fit and running and all that other stuff. don't get me wrong i like to run well i guess i like the idea more. i often have those bright moments when i decide to go running and i start and after about three blocks i want to punch myself in the face for that foolish thought. I like running more on a track so sometimes i go to the BYU track which is  real motivator because then i always see good looking boys and want to impress them. so i try to run really fast, but when i run i breathe really heavily which i'm sure they find super attractive!
Anyways, my mom has decided to start our family on fat burning diet so we had a family weigh in last night, which i was totally against because we don't have an actual weighter we all weighed ourselves on our Wii which i'm pretty sure is not very reliable. My dad went first and had gained a few, then my mom, she was the same, then me and i had lost four pounds!!! yep that's right! then my brother who hasn't gained or lost any. So i don't see why we have to start this thing........ my mom put our menu on the fridge and it looks pretty gross i think i'll stick to eating fruits for the next two weeks.

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