Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So I've been working in Retail for almost a year and a half and I LOVE it! But just like every job it has it's downfalls.

Honestly I HATE uniforms, I own more clothes then I can count and yet everyday I'm forced to wear Khaki pants. GROSS. I don't mind the jersey so much but Khakis?! Really? so unoriginal. It is hard to find cute khaki pants let alone a pair you don't have to iron every single time you wear them!!!!

Working at the mall is cool because you get discounts on food but mall food gets gross after a while I can only eat so much chow mien, or corn dogs, or even subway. And not to mention paying a dollar for every drink I buy I'm pretty sure i've spent over $200 on drinks over the past year. And trust me I don't get paid the big bucks. Commission can be great because on busy days you can sell over $1000 but the downfall is if someone returns something you've sold them that money gets taken out of your paycheck faster then it went in.

I never noticed before working in retail but there are so many little things we have to do to make our stores look the way they do. Such as facing all of the hangers the same way (yes that is a rule). or putting shirts in size order. and speaking of shirts I can't stand it when customers 'try' to fold shirts and put them back or even worse hide them!!! I get paid to fold shirts so let me do my job!!!

You've all heard the saying "The customer is always right!" But the actual saying is "The customer is always right, unless they're wrong, and if they cause a scene then they are right." It's shocking to me the lengths people go to just to get a discount on an item. And I don't make the prices so yelling at me won't get you anywhere. I also hate it when people treat me like an idiot, I work at a sports store so YES i do actually know about sports. When you buy a Brooklyn Dodgers hat thinking it's a red sox hat even AFTER I told you it wasn't. You look like the idiot coming back to return it. I understand I'm a girl so you wouldn't expect me to name off players but I can.

We are required to greet every customer as they walk in the store, and if you don't greet them there's a chance they could be a 'secret shopper' a secret shopper is a person that our company pays to come and shop in our stores and grade us on appearance of the store and customer service. The last secret shopper I had come in gave me a perfect score BUT they docked me points because I didn't smile very much...SMILE... um you've got to be kidding me.  We have hundreds of stores and our cooperate people wouldn't know me if they saw me on the street but they know my name and my numbers and now they think i'm some awful person who never smiles...

Honestly I'm super OCD and a germaphob and it drives me nuts when people put their gross hands on our windows. I clean them every single shift I work.

Other things I hate are how i'm not allowed to sit at work. and our stupid vacuum we have the vacuums you put on your back, they look like something you'd see on Ghostbusters. When people steal things, so stupid... and when people come in at 8:59 and stay until 9:20 when I want to get home and sleep!

Pretty much I get paid to watch TV and it's very embarrassing that I can quote about every commercial out there! 

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