Thursday, September 1, 2011

Uncollege like things!

We're getting down to the end of my first week at UVU. I has been quite the week. So i have jotted down things that i've seen that I didn't think I would see at school. Hope you get a kick out of them! and they are all true things I have witnessed! here we go:

#1 Rolling backpacks- It surprises me how many people have them, and the worst of it is i get my foot rolled over by one at least once a day!!! since when were they acceptable to have?

#2 Sesame street lunch box. first off the kid with it looked to be in his late twenty's.

#3 Tee shirts that say things like "my dog ate my homework"........Um no. it's not funny anymore!!

#4 Iron man backpacks (actually this is kind of cool!) but perhaps not for college!

#5 Plaid shorts with a plaid sir that doesn't match! FYI!!

#6 Taking your pillow to class.........Really?!

#7 Eating Cars fruit snacks (actually this was me!!) oops!

#8 Taking roll in a class with 100 students.

#9 Bringing a doll to class.....wait that was your REAL baby!!!!!!

#10 Wearing high school tee shirts, Sorry but I think it may be time for you to move on!

#11 Wearing the same exact outfit as your friend (not sure if this was planned, but i would at least avoid them for the day!)

#12 Men in short shorts...... which is NEVER ok!!!

#13 Everyone has a longboard......crazy!!!

#14 Students randomly break dancing and NO this was not part of a flash mob or anything!!

#15 Wearing your swimsuit under your clothes without even having a swimming class.......sweetie do you realize we're in UTAH?????

#16 roller skating through the building....these were legit old school four wheeled roller skates.

#17 doing cartwheels in the good!!

#18 Playing in the pond.......nuff said!

#19 Being forced to clap after a kid reads out loud in class. 'amazing your in college and can read'

#20 Strapping your scooter to your backpack!

#21 Talking on your phone loudly so everyone can hear about your personal drama.

#22 Wearing 3d glasses with no lens in class i'm sorry but that's so high school.

#23 skateboarding down the halls. you may have had this dream in high school but....NO!!

#24 And lastly to the older people attending college, i'm proud of you for taking the time and money to get an education, but if you could stick to wearing age appropriate clothes, that would be great, and no a perry the platypus shirt doesn't count as age appropriate!

Crazy people!!!!


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