Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Officially worst morning ever!!! (ok probably a little to dramatic)

I was sound asleep when the adams family theme song started playing... don't ask why the heck that's my alarm on my phone. it's 5:00am i get up and make sure my mom is up to catch her flight to Florida. I go back to sleep and a little before 7am day N night by Kid Cudi starts playing (thats my ringtone) I answer to my moms panicked voice "ERIN!!! you need to go to lehi and get my drivers license out of my car and bring it to the airport."

So being the good daughter i am i got up and put my glasses on grabbed some shoes a hoodie and my keys and left. still half asleep i drove to lehi as my dear mother called me every 5 minutes wondering where i was

I got her license and began stressing out as Utah drivers made me angry (minus the nice man in the saturn who let me in, i did yell 'thanks you're my hero' but i'm pretty sure he didn't hear me)

Got to the airport finally met my mom and gave it to her. "YOU OWE ME A LAPTOP" (thats me yelling at her. "okay!!! love you heres $20 go buy yourself a coke"

and then i drove back home and hurried and got ready for school

what i've learned from this is first off DO not drive with glasses on between the wrong prescription and the glare from the good

and also if you want something let someone make an mistake to get it!!!

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