Monday, September 19, 2011

One Day

I often reflect on my life and the kind of person i am and who i could be...

I look at the choices I've made and the ones I've turned down I look at the people who have come into my life and left.

I look at the amount of time I spend worrying about the people I love and sometimes wonder if I should be worrying about myself more.

I think about the fact that one day I'll be married to a wonderful man who will love me...

he will love me when I get sick

he will love me when I annoy him

he will stay up all night with me when I want to watch YouTube videos

we'll fight, say things we won't mean but no matter what we'll always love each other and "i'm Sorry" will never get old

One Day the pain I'm going through now will be over!

I can't wait until my One day!!!

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