Saturday, May 7, 2011


 Me with my small group!! they were the greatest!
 Me and McKell sang to the kids!
 at one of the temples!
 look what i found!!!!!
 look at these studs!!
 i adore these kids!!
 STD??? It means telephone!!
 Me and Raj!!!
 The Boys!!!
 Prettiest girl ever!!!
 i played cricket!!!
 I LOVE these kids!!
 Upside down!!!
 Me and Mikey!!!
 Oh Tommy!!
 Makin our clothes!!
 Me and GOOGOO
 Jenn, Googoo, ME!!
 before the Taj
 Taj Mahal
 Me with the elephant
 snake charmer
 I finally got my diet coke!!
 me and jenn!
 Mike Raj and me!!

 Team minus mike

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