Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Chance!!!

 We are SENIORS!!!
 Some of my Best Friends!!
 I just love this picture and these boys!!
 Holly and Riley!!
 Kessa and Taylor!!!
 Indian part of the group!!
 Me and Cody!!
 Pretty much i love this picture!!!
 Tommy and Michelle!!!
 Chase and Jennifer!!
 Michael and Emily!!
 Zach and Alexus
 Mike and Tabitha

Last Chance! oh my this dance was so much fun!! i had my India best friends and my springville best friends!! it was quite the party!! Me and Michelle picked up our dates (Cody and Tommy) then we went to michelles and ate!! our burgers were well funny looking!! haha then we took pictures i got to take all the singles minus my own!! then we cruised to the dance and danced the night away!!! then we went back to michelles and had dessert then played the best game ever Werewolf!!! me and Holly won because we were lovers!! then me and michelle drove our dates home. and had an amazingly interesting talk haha!!


  1. so cute! i love you erin. because you are in fact... my LOVER!!! YES!!! (:

  2. it is so true!!! we are the best!!!